Selasa, 01 Juli 2014

dromuks ngoprek bootanimation ubuntu android

I look at youtube here:
and i use ffmpeg to create animation 10 fps, then convert it all to .png. After that, I convert all picture to jpg using Ms. Picture manager.
Just rename this attachment, bootanimation_ubuntumuks to and bootaudio_ubuntumuks to bootaudio. Then place all it to /system/media/.
Enjoy it. ;)

I want to reply in xda-developer, but there are a message like this:
To prevent spam on the XDA forums, ALL new users prevented from posting outside links in their messages. After approximately 10 posts, you will be able to post outside links. Thank you for understanding!
So, I post in my blog. hehe..
here my files:
Place it all to /system/media/ by our root browser and rename it tobe and bootaudio.mp3. That's all. After that, we can see a beautifull opening in our hh.

Kalau mau liat bootanimationku, silakan ke sini:

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